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About Peinture Breton

Founded in 1959, Atelier de Peinture Breton has always distinguished itself by the quality of its service and its ability to adapt to customer needs. 56 years later with Frédéric Breton at the head of the company, Peinture Breton continues to evolve. After two expansions and numerous awards and distinctions, the paint shop now has 9 employees. They operate with a high-quality equipment and according to the highest standards of quality and respect for the environment.


We are easy to reach


Atelier de Peinture Breton

575, route de la Providence
Pohénégamook (Québec)
G0L 1J0

418 893-2625

Fax : 418-893-7136 - info@peinturebreton.com


We meet the highest industry standards

We respect standards : AAMA-2604, AAMA2605, SSPC-SP1, SSPC-SP5, SSPC-SP6, SSPC-SP7, SSPC-SP10         

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